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Introducing Zion & The Doxxed Alliance

Supporting the monitoring of crypto environment

ZION A Comprehensive Protection for The Block Chain

With 7% Reflections, Automated deflation, And a recurring Revenue Model we are proud to announce utility as a service. Holders can compound their bags, while token scarcity dwindles supply. A portion of all services revenue will be used to buy RMDoxx Tokens and Burn Them. Zion’s Utility can help the Public make a more informed decision on token selection, while also providing a Revenue stream due to the Tokens underlying use case.

Ensure complete protection of transactions on any devices

Beyond just working code, we audit for clean code, reliable code, and risky features. We also audit for post-deployment risk vectors not easily captured in most initial technical audits


The DaaS solution can help individuals, exchanges, and organizations effectively address the opportunities and challenges of crypto assets in a rapid and secure manner


Data extractions and constant audit reviews allow a richer picture of the risk and opportunity space within emerging ERC and BSC tokens and the teams generating them


Ensure Safety of you and loved ones

A New Crypto Solution

We Provide Tools to Help Individuals and Organizations Stay Educated and Vigilant


Zion is a groundbreaking utility which can expand user adoption into the cryptoverse. At RMD we understand that Code audits are only the first step to a successful launch. We will employ a holistic assessment on token development teams as part of RMDoxx’s internal “Revenue As A Utility” audit process

Daas Consultancy

Will make it easy to onboard tokens into a safe environment and begin to see results quickly. DaaS balances the need for rapidity and higher levels of certainty

Zion Complete Blockchain Solution

Blockchain Interrogation

By interrogating the blockchain and corroborating information about transactions and balances, actor, team, and holder risk profiles can be generated

Human Intelligence

Not Just Tokens, Teams Team vetting allows for Real ID and biometric confirmation of key identities and locations in crucial projects

Social Media Scraping

Not Just Influence, Accountability Data is extracted from social media and qualitatively coded allowing you to understand networked actors in real-time.

Security Assessment

Environmental security can be strengthened by completing numerous qualitative code reviews to identify both technical security risks and actor-based risk profiles. We have identified specific code features more likely to perform poorly at scale and code profiles suggestive of malicious action.


Activate Zion for A Better World.

Data Points
Influencers Researched
Blockchain Experts
Accuracy Rate

Keeping People Safe Around the World

Using real-time data from over 435 million users, we prevent over 66 million threats every day.

DAAS Services Pricing

Daas Scoring Level 1

4 Eth
2 Eth + 2 Eth worth of RMD will go to the dead wallet
  • Legal
  • Competency
  • Technical
  • Social
  • -
  • -
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DAAS Scoring Level 2

6 Eth
3 Eth + 3 Eth worth of RMD will go to the dead wallet
  • Legal
  • Competency
  • Technical
  • Social
  • Profile
  • -
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DAAS Scoring LEVEL 3

10 Eth/ month
5 Eth + 5 Eth worth of RMD will go to the dead wallet
  • Legal
  • Competency
  • Technical
  • Social
  • Profile
  • Behavioral
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